"Now the hardest thing about harvesting potatoes is picking them up off of the ground!"

Does a PTO powered potato digger work?

We were skeptical when we first heard of a PTO powered potato digger, but decided to offer it for sale on our website EverythingAttachments.com. Within 12 hours of posting the PTO powered potato digger on our website someone had driven to our building with cash in hand to pick it up, we knew then that we had something special.

PTO Powered Potato DiggerIt wasn't long before we had a waiting list of customers who had paid for potato diggers and were awaiting them to arrive in the country, sometimes over a month (they come from Italy). Everyone that has ordered a potato digger from us has reported that they are completely satisfied with the digger, and found that it works much better than a middlebuster or potato plow. When you look past the promises of a potato digger and focus on how it performs the work you see how simple of a machine it can be.

Potato Field Before DiggingThe PTO shaft of the potato digger connects to an off center bearing that moves the shovel point to scrape up the dirt, then shakes the rear basket to knock the dirt off of the potatoes, which eventually are tossed out the back and lay ontop of the dirt waiting for to be picked up. Not only are the potatoes laying nicely ontop of the ground, but the quality of the potatoes that you get out of the ground are better due to the gentle scooping action happening below the potatoes instead of a potato plow that cuts or scars the potatoes. Aside from the fact that the potatoes come out of the ground in better shape, the potato digger pulls out a larger percentage of potatoes compared to other methods.

Potato Digger Working

There are a few things to look at when setting up your tractor to run with a potato digger:

  1. Make sure your engine is set to run at 540 RPMs. If your engine is running faster than 540 RPMs, you can do damage to the tractor or the attachment since it works by creating a vibration.
  2. Don't drive too fast. You can pull the potato digger through the dirt at a high rate of speed and clog it up with too much dirt and potatoes if you don't have your speed set right. It is importatnt that the scoop pan be picking up the dirt and that it isn't being force-fed.
  3. Make sure everything is greased. Grease is very important whenever you have metal moving that close together.
  4. Use the top link to adjust the depth of the scoop pan. You want the scoop pan to dig just below the deepest potatoes in order to ensure you get all of the potatoes without scarring them, and while it may be hard to know how deep your potatoes are, the simplest way to know how well you are adjusted would be to inspect the potatoes coming out and lower the scoop pan if some of them are coming out cut or scarred.

The PTO powered potato digger tears through entire rows of potatoes in minutes effectively making the hardest job in the field picking up all of those potatoes, where as when using a shovel or even a middle buster you were still left digging out some of the potatoes by hand due to the tools partially recovering the potatoes that have been dug up.